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2022年版 漫才 爆笑問題のツーショット (2022)

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Reparto: Hikari Ota,Yûji Tanaka,

Fecha de Estreno: 2022-11-12


A solo manzai live stage "Bakusho problem two-shot", which was originally shot by Bakusho problem. Summarize the events of 2022 with over 60 minutes of non-stop comedy! The original comedy "Bakusho problem two-shot", which can be said to be the lifework of the popular comedy duo Bakusho problem. Started in 2006, this time the 18th installment of the latest series, the 2022 edition, will be exclusively broadcast. A wide range of genres such as politics, economics, entertainment, and sports that happened that year are sublimated into laughter with non-stop comedy for over 60 minutes! What kind of comedy will the two people with the laughter problem show in 2022, when there was a commotion about their own flames ...!? ? A valuable original stage that you can't easily see on regular TV programs. At the end of 2022, I hope you will be dragged into the world of laughter problems.