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Royal Arena 1 (2012)

150 minutos

150 minutos

Director: Adam Kessel

Reparto: Mikkel Parlo,Simon Carlsen,Nic Osei,Marcin Tondryk,Nicolas Dalby,Joachim Christensen,Kenneth Rosfort,Mulenga Chanda,Nicola Gozzi,Acoidan Duque,

Fecha de Estreno: 2012-03-10


Royal Arena 1 was a mixed martial arts event held on March 10, 2012 at Broendby Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark. The main card was broadcasted live on TV 2 Sport & the undercard streamed on the website of the Danish tabloid newspaper, Ekstra Bladet. It featured two middleweight tounament bouts: Mikkel Parlo vs. Marcin Tondryk & Nic Osei vs. Simon Carlsen. A highly anticipated welterweight match between Nicolas Dalby & Mikkel Guldbæk was cancelled due to a knee injury sustained by Guldbæk during training. Dalby instead faced Spanish top prospect Acoidan Duque.