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If You Were Me 2 (2006)

112 minutos

112 minutos

Director: Jung Ji-woo

Reparto: Kim Su-hyun,Ahn Kil-kang,On Ju-wan,Ryu Seung-ryong,Gong Ho-seok,Seo Ju-hee,Shin In-sook,Jeong Eun-hye,Kwon Hyeong-joon,Lee Jeong-heon,Oh Tae-kyung,Lee Jin-sun,Lee Jae-yong,Yim Soon-rye,Kim Yeong-ae,

Fecha de Estreno: 2006-01-12


Commissioned by South Korea's National Human Rights Commission, If You Were Me is an innovative omnibus film project to promote tolerance and human rights and shed light on the hardships disadvantaged people face in Korea. After the success of the first anthology, a second series, If You Were Me 2, was released this year. Five notable Korean directors - Park Kyung Hee (A Smile), Ryoo Seung Wan (Crying Fist), Jung Ji Woo, Jang Jin (Guns & Talks), and Kim Dong Won - participated in the second installment, creating shorts on human rights issues of their choosing.