Fuera de Cartelera

Lots of Luck (1985)

88 minutos

88 minutos

Director: Peter Baldwin

Reparto: Martin Mull,Annette Funicello,Fred Willard,Polly Holliday,Mia Dillon,Tracey Gold,Jeremy Licht,Christina Nigra,Hamilton Camp,Dick O'Neill,Vincent Schiavelli,Joseph Chapman,Dick Patterson,John Terry Bell,Lonnie Burr,Sheila Cluff,Anita Dangler,Stephanie Edwards,Frederick Long,William Phipps,Erin Patricia Boyd,Gloria Camden,Keith Coburn,Adele Corey,Keith L. Johnson,Frank Killmond,Matthew Licht,Anne Marie McEvoy,Bill McLean,Henry Proach,Ann Dorman,Robert Ruth,Sandra Sexton,William Schreiner,Helen Siff,Jack Riley,Cynthia Lea Clark,

Fecha de Estreno: 1985-02-03


A middle-aged Annette Funicello stars in this made-for-Disney film about a blue-collar family whose lives are forever transformed when they win the lottery.