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Burnt Toast (2005)

51 minutos

51 minutos

Director: Larry Weinstein

Reparto: Dan Redican,Jean Stilwell,Shannon Mercer,Paul Gross,Jessica Holmes,Scott Thompson,Philip Akin,Leah Pinsent,Colm Feore,Bob Martin,Liane Balaban,Diane Fabian,Mark Breslin,David Alpay,Sarah Manninen,Kristin Lehman,Paul O'Sullivan,Colin Mochrie,Debra McGrath,Joel Katz,Maurice Dean Wint,Martin Houtman,Zorana Sadiq,Mark McKinney,Seán Cullen,Cathy Jones,Barbara Hannigan,

Fecha de Estreno: 2005-10-01


An irreverent and hilarious spin on opera, domestic drama and the hallowed institutions of love and marriage, Burnt Toast is an hour-long television opera comprised of a series of eight comic operas each depicting a different stage of romantic love. The relationships depicted run the gamut: from the passionate to the fantasized, the bored and of course the dead relationship, each as recognizable as the last.