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Living Apart Together (1982)

89 minutos

89 minutos

Director: Charles Gormley

Reparto: B. A. Robertson,Barbara Kellerman,Judi Trott,Dave Anderson,Jimmy Logan,Anne Kirsten,James Cosmo,Peter Capaldi,John Gordon Sinclair,David Bain,Gilly Gilchrist,John McGlynn,Kenny Potter,Stevie Lange,Sylvia Mason-James,Ben Walls,Amy Walls,Sam Brown,Kathy Brawley,George McGowan Bank,Jeff Jackson,Douglas Sannachan,Doreen Cameron,Terry Neason,

Fecha de Estreno: 1982-11-29


Starring musician B.A. Robertson as Ritchie Hannah a singer/songwriter returning to his mediocre life in Glasgow after the death of a friend Living Apart Together remains an important record of a culturally significant time in the city of Glasgow. Ritchie s wife Evie (Barbara Kellerman), tired of the constant upheaval in her marriage, uses the opportunity to walk out, leaving him to care for their children. Ritchie goes in search of Evie with the help of his manager s assistant Alicia (Judi Trott), however, an attraction grows between the pair and as they widen their pursuit, it becomes apparent that Evie is not ready to return home. Featuring original music from satirical post-punk musician B.A Robertson and early screen appearances from Peter Capaldi (Local Hero) and John Gordon Sinclair (Gregory s Girl), Gormley s bittersweet take on relationships is a fresh and captivating insight into how our actions affect the people we love.