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Fate Fighter (2003)

88 minutos

88 minutos

Director: Steve Cheng

Reparto: Nick Cheung,Kristy Yang,Alex To Tak-Wai,Sam Lee,Joe Junior,Amanda Lee,Alfred Cheung Kin-Ting,Ruco Chan,Anson Leung,Rico Kwok,Thomas Lam,Claire Yiu,Tricia Chan,

Fecha de Estreno: 2003-06-04


Two brothers, Yat and Leung, with different mothers have different fates. After Leung and his mother being expelled from the family, they are housed by a feng shui master. Leung is a lucky guy and brings a good fortune to his mother. On the other side, Yat's presence poses a tragic threat to his family. Eventually, Yat's parents die and Leung's mother decides to raise Yat and the two boys exchange their names. However, their lives will turn upside down when they reach the age of thirty. The only way Yat can retain his luck is to overtake all the good luck from Leung.