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Followers (2000)

87 minutos

87 minutos

Director: Jonathan M. Flicker

Reparto: Sam Trammell,Eddie Robinson,Mark Dobies,Jessica Prunell,Jerry Laurino,Cary Phillips,Crew Hoakes,Willie C. Carpenter,Carol Clarke,Teja Frank,Robert Flicker,Paul Raggio,Jonathan M. Flicker,Piper Perabo,

Fecha de Estreno: 2000-10-13


Inspired by a series of actual racial hazing incidents, 'Followers' focuses on three friends who want to pledge an exclusive fraternity. The friendship disintegrates when one of the friends is not accepted because he is black. To test the loyalty of the two white friends, the fraternity president forces them to target their African American friend through a series of dangerous, racially motivated hazing incidents.