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I've Gotta Horse (1965)

92 minutos

92 minutos

Director: Kenneth Hume

Reparto: Billy Fury,Amanda Barrie,Michael Medwin,Bill Fraser,Jon Pertwee,Fred Emney,Leslie Dwyer,Peter Gilmore,Marjorie Rhodes,Sheila O'Neill,Michael Cashman,John Kelly,Allan Angel,Eliza Buckingham,Linda Bywaters,Elaine Carr,Tom Carty,Doreen Cran,Roy Durbin,Tom Bowman,Anselmo,

Fecha de Estreno: 1965-01-01


A fast-moving comedy with Billy Fury, who plays himself in the film. The story reveals his great love of animals, and it features his own racehorse, Anselmo. Also featured are several of Billy's own dogs.