Fuera de Cartelera

Shooter (1988)

100 minutos

100 minutos

Director: Gary Nelson

Reparto: Jeffrey Nordling,Noble Willingham,Kario Salem,Helen Hunt,Alan Ruck,Jeffrey Alan Chandler,Carol Huston,Rosalind Chao,Nick Cassavetes,Grace Zabriskie,Kavi Raz,Adrian Paul,Louis Roth,Steven Ford,Ennalls Berl,Rummel Mor,

Fecha de Estreno: 1988-09-11


"Shooter," aka Matt Thompson aka Gruwald is a photographer in 1967 Saigon, Vietnam. Working out of a news agency for a major magazine, Thompson gets involved in the lives of the soldiers he meets and "shoots." There's Ngoc, the Vietnamese photo lab tech; Klause, a German photographer swiping Buddhas; Rene, a French photographer who carries an AK-47; Stork, Matt's superstitious roommate who is also a photographer; Rizzo, the irascible editor; Lan, an American-educated Vietnamese reporter and Tracey an embassy worker who is Matt's former flame.