Fuera de Cartelera

Merry-Go-Round (2001)

94 minutos

94 minutos

Director: Thomas Chow

Reparto: Lawrence Chou,Rainie Yang,Zeny Kwok Sin-Yu,Darren Cheng Dao-Sam,Yuki Lai Yuen-Tung,Eric Tsang,Kelly Chen,Vincent Kok,Vincent Chan Sze-Hon,Hyper BB,Ann Hui,Joe Cheung,James Tsim Tak-Faat,Muk Sing,Chi-Sing Lam,So Ching-Fung,Stephy Tang,Lam Lai-Shun,Helena Law Lan,

Fecha de Estreno: 2001-09-27


In a summer holiday, a father (Mr. Kuk) with his children (Ku Fung and Little Kuk-Ku) has decided to open a noodle bar on a 2-month lease. He has great expectations for his noodle business. Kuk Fung quickly falls in love with Carlily (Kuk Fung's friend). Meanwhile, Little Kuk-ku has met a new friend, Wo who is working at the noodle bar. As the vacation is going, the nodle bar has to be closed. Mr Kuk's business performance didn't come up to his expectations, but it ends up with two puppy loves.