Fuera de Cartelera

The Third Date (2003)

16 minutos

16 minutos

Director: Amy Barrett

Reparto: Neil Jain,Sarah Clarke,Xander Berkeley,Mary Louise Wilson,Christina Kirk,Sandra Bernhard,Federico Del Moral,David Wain,Andi Prastowo,Zoe Edmonds,David Soderlund Jr,

Fecha de Estreno: 2003-12-31


It may only be the third date, but Tony knows it's time to pop the question and make the beautiful, shy Katrina his wife. And what better place for romance than Coney Island? Using his family's old mob connections, Tony has mapped out every detail for a very special evening. But Coney Island's finest its hot dog lady, rollercoaster operator, cotton candy vendor and performing freak have their own way of doing things. And the date of his life turns out to be more than Tony bargained for.