Fuera de Cartelera

Tokyo Decameron (1996)

90 minutos

90 minutos

Director: Koichi Kobayashi

Reparto: Hitomi Shiraishi,Kei Mizutani,Marie Jinno,Hitoe Ootake,Sherry Lynn,

Fecha de Estreno: 1996-07-21


Exploitation diva Kei Mizutani movie stars within this omnibus flick featuring three reports of madness and sensuality. The first part, entitled "Two Women known as Mariko," paints an image of a younger comely lass named Mariko, whom, because of to a strange series of occasions during her youth, finds by herself the slave of another girl coincidentally also named Mariko. Into the 2nd yarn, five ladies endeavor to a remote cottage. Yet maybe not very long after, the quintet occur upon a corpse. Plus in the final portion, entitled "The guy within the Pillory," a young dancer looks for the dastardly villain that drove her sister to suicide