Fuera de Cartelera

Those She Left Behind (1989)

96 minutos

96 minutos

Director: Waris Hussein

Reparto: Gary Cole,Joanna Kerns,Mary Page Keller,George Coe,Colleen Dewhurst,Joel Polis,Saachiko,Judyann Elder,Paul Mendoza,David Selburg,Lupe Ontiveros,Maryedith Burrell,Harry Stephens,Folkert Schmidt,Wyatt Knight,Stephanie Shroyer,Judy Kain,Vicky Dawson,Amy Buffington,Julie Ariola,Nike Doukas,K.T. Vogt,Nick Hardin,Louisa Abernathy,Mary Pat Gleason,

Fecha de Estreno: 1989-03-06


Scott and Sue Grimes are a happily married and affluent young couple who are about to start a family together. Unfortunately, that plan gets turned completely upside-down when Sue dies suddenly and unexpectedly while giving birth to their daughter. Now in the aftermath, Scott not only has to deal with the loss of his wife, he also has the daunting task of raising his daughter all alone.