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Misterioso (1991)

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Director: John Glenister

Reparto: Jack Shepherd,Susan Sylvester,Hugh Ross,Eilidh Alexander,David Michaels,Paul Stacey,Sharon Duce,Keith Marsh,Margery Mason,Angela Douglas,Gawn Grainger,Angela Morant,David Jackson,Gabrielle Reidy,Valerie Buchanan,Rachel Ogilvy,Bill Berry,Chris Laurence,Ian Thomas,Ray Marioni,Sidney Kirsh,Phil Lee,

Fecha de Estreno: 1991-07-25


On the death of her mother, a young woman in northern England learns that her father is actually her step-father. She embarks on a search for her birth father, finds him running a jazz club in London, and learns a lot of happy and sad things about her family that she didn't know before. The title of the film is the classic jazz piece, "Misterioso," by Thelonious Monk, which features prominently in it.