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Acts of God (2014)

107 minutos

107 minutos

Director: Shane Sooter

Reparto: Esperanza Catubig,Constance Brenneman,Jordan DragonKing,Kenda Benward,Lydia Boland,Angelo Perez,Doris Morgado,Amelia Mann,

Fecha de Estreno: 2014-02-24


A moment of crisis changes everything. One stormy night a sudden, shattering collision takes an innocent life. Now seven people find their paths intertwined by the accident and hard questions reflected in their own lives. Why do such tragedies occur? If God is good, why does He allow so much pain? As each of them struggle through the aftermath, threads of hope and faith and the support of close friends become the lifeline to a strength they could never find alone. Nationally esteemed pastor and author Bob Russell is featured as himself in a powerfully dramatic film that brings his teachings to vivid life.