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If U Care... (2002)

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Director: Adrian Kwan

Reparto: Eason Chan,Gillian Chung,Eric Kot Man-Fai,Candy Lo,Rain Li,Hui Siu-Hung,Lau Yee Tat,Patrick Tang,Yoyo Yiu Wing-Man,Bonnie Wong,Lawrence Chou,Cheuk Wan-Chi,

Fecha de Estreno: 2002-09-05


Gino, a selfish trickster who works for a design firm where he routinely steals ideas and spars with his co-workers. Gino gets into a traffic accident and savds by his childhood love, Gillian, who's now a fireman. Being a fireman was actually Gino's childhood wish, but somewhere along the way he became a scum. Gino discovers that he has the ability to feel the emotions of those he touches. He uses the power for petty selfish reasons until a life-changing incident causes him to mend his ways.