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A Star Fell from Heaven (1936)

70 minutos

70 minutos

Director: Paul Merzbach

Reparto: Joseph Schmidt,Florine McKinney,Billy Milton,W.H. Berry,George Graves,Steven Geray,Judy Kelly,C. Denier Warren,Iris Hoey,Bruce Lester,Eliot Makeham,Hindle Edgar,Jimmy Godden,Aubrey Mallalieu,

Fecha de Estreno: 1936-06-08


In this comedy, a talented singer is hired to dub the voice of a star who has lost his own. During the film's premiere, news that he sang the songs slips out and suddenly he finds that he himself has become a star. Unfortunately he soon encounters unanticipated problems. He is especially concerned about his girl friend who dumped him in favor of the voiceless star.