Fuera de Cartelera

National Theatre Live: Travelling Light (2012)

147 minutos

147 minutos

Director: Robin Lough

Reparto: Norma Atallah,Jack Chissick,Harry Dickman,Mark Extance,Michael Grinter,Colin Haigh,Paul Jesson,Jeffry Kaplow,Tom Keller,Sue Kelvin,Abigail McKern,Damien Molony,Antony Sher,Karl Theobald,Alexis Zegerman,Tom Allwinton,Roy Baron,Pablo Carciofa,Philip Cox,Julia Korning,Daniel Kramer,Henry Markham-Hare,Nell McCann,Lauren O'Neill,Pip Pearce,Tom Peters,Jill Stanford,Darren Swift,Geoffrey Towers,Kate Webster,Jonathan Woolf,

Fecha de Estreno: 2012-02-09


In a remote village in Eastern Europe, around 1900, the young Motl Mendl is entranced by the flickering silent images on his father's cinematograph.