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Habla Espanol: Beyond the Basics: The Standard Deviants (1997)

90 minutos

90 minutos

Director: Robert Deege

Reparto: Chas Mastin,Walter Mastrapa,Ashley Fleming,Herschel Bleefeld,Brad Aldous,Gelila Asres,Lara Derby,Kerry Washington,Tessa Munro,Deena Rubinson,Jeremy Klavens,Shaun Powell,

Fecha de Estreno: 1997-01-01


The talented and lively Standard Deviants crew teaches viewers ways to understand the nature of language instead of guiding them by rote memorization. Learn the intricacies of grammar, numbers, verbs, conjugation, adjectives and more. How? Along with skits, musical performances and other creative programs designed by a team of educators, learners do drills and quizzes at the end of each segment, as well as a comprehensive exam.