Fuera de Cartelera

Lipstick City (2016)

9 minutos

9 minutos

Director: Shea Couleé

Reparto: Shea Couleé,Kim Chi,Michael Buonincontro,Stanley Anghell,Valentine Addams,Sara Andrews,Trannika Rex,Brendon Brown,Beverly Lately,Lucy Stoole,Joonage A Trois,Soju,Tiger Lily,Birdy Gabkham,The Lady,Brenda CaBee,Adrianna Lombardo,Saya Naomi,Kurri Orizotti,Dida Ritz,Jade Sotomayor,The Vixen,Anthony DiFiore,Robert Hernandez,

Fecha de Estreno: 2016-05-02


A visually sumptuous exploration of the drag persona of model Shea Couleé, this short film will be an arresting display of dance, music, and fashion. When high end fashion model Miss Couleé discovers evidence that her powerful husband, Mr., isn't the faithful man she thought she married, she teams up with her ally Shea to go underground into a glamorous and gritty world run by powerful entrepreneur Chic [Kim Chi] to exact her revenge.