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Hello Apartment (2018)

11 minutos

11 minutos

Director: Dakota Fanning

Reparto: Eve Hewson,Malika Samuel,Yadira Guevara,Granit Lahu,Tom Sturridge,Camila Perez,Christina Rouner,

Fecha de Estreno: 2018-02-19


Ava enters the Brooklyn loft for the first time. It's empty. Painted fresh, but old. The sunlight enters from the large windows, on the wooden floor, worn and with the signs of the previous inhabitants. Ava sits down. And it's immediately home. Her house. It is here that he will meet a boy and fall in love. It is here that they will drink wine together at a party. It is here that they will scream at each other and decide that it is over. The apartment will become a witness to the personal story of Ava, joy and sadness, hopes and disappointments, that universal space in which we all find ourselves becoming adults.