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The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery (1995)

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Director: Will Binder

Reparto: Dean Erickson,Joanne Takahashi,Peter J. Lucas,Russell Mitchell,Richard Raynesford,Wolf Muser,Clabe Hartley,Clement von Franckenstein,Edmund L. Shaff,Andrea Helene,Kay E. Kuter,Nicholas Worth,Frederick Solms,Etan Boritzer,Judith Drake,Bruce Ed Morrow,Gil Neuman,Christopher Shea,Wesley Mann,Jack Orend,Bert Hinchman,Michael Laren,Brad Greenquist,Rosemarie Belden,Ronald E. House,Mary Stavin,Endre Hules,John Hans Tester,Melanie Good,Jed Curtis,Ross Evans,Greg Bennick,

Fecha de Estreno: 1995-01-01


Shortly after moving to Rittersburg to take over duties as the lone "Schattenjager", Gabriel Knight is called by the townsfolk to investigate the killing of a child believed to be caused by a werewolf. While Gabriel is away on the case, Grace Nakimura leaves New Orleans for Rittersburgh to conduct research and keep an eye on him. Grace soon learns that Gabriel's case goes back centuries and involves King Ludwig II. Meanwhile, Gabriel's investigation leads him to a small private hunting club, where he believes the culprit may be hiding. The two are pulled deeper into the horrific events, leading Grace out to stop the unrelenting nightmare and Gabriel in a fight for his very own soul.