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Weetzie Bat

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Director: Justin Kelly

Reparto: Anya Taylor-Joy,Théodore Pellerin,Nick Robinson,Sasha Lane,Keiynan Lonsdale,

Fecha de Estreno:


Weetzie is an ethereal pixie living in 1980s Los Angeles, where she grew up the child of an alcoholic starlet mother and a junkie screenwriter father. She teams up with her Mohawked best friend Dirk to find love, leading her to mysterious trenchcoat-wearing filmmaker Max and platinum-haired surfer Duck. But when their bliss is threatened by deaths, breakups and Max’s witchy and bitter ex-girlfriend Vixanne, Weetzie must take off her pink harlequin sunglasses in order to confront life’s darkness and find happiness in a city known as much for the glamour of fame and fortune as the darkness of cults and crime.