Fuera de Cartelera

Thick as Thieves (1991)

130 minutos

130 minutos

Director: Steve DiMarco

Reparto: Gerry Quigley,Carolyn Dunn,Amber Lea Weston,Karl Pruner,Adam Adach,Elizabeth Berman,Sara Botsford,Milan Cheylov,Allen Stewart-Coates,Michael Copeman,Diane D'Aquila,Thomas Hauff,C. David Johnson,Tony Munch,Eric Peterson,Tim Progosh,

Fecha de Estreno: 1991-01-01


Tough City - where grifters, dips and shysters scramble for a dirty dollar and a clean shirt - where one man stands head and shoulders beneath the rest - Al Hacker - small time pickpocket - master bungler. Only Lisa, his curvaceous sister and partner-in-crime, stand between Al and disaster.