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Female War: Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong (2016)

94 minutos

94 minutos

Director: Kwon Seong-kook

Reparto: Taemi,Choi Jong-won,Lee Byung-joon,Choi Jong-hoon,Yoon Seong-min,Haha,Lee Han-wi,Sun Woo-chul,Lee Yoon-jeong,Jeong Da-Sol,

Fecha de Estreno: 2016-07-14


Haedanghwa, a beautiful woman, comes into the life of a single father and his three grown-up sons all of sudden! The abandoned woman, who does not have any memories about herself, begins her precarious cohabitation with the family of four men. And this is how the intense battle among four men to earn Haedanghwa’s heart begins. However, the story starts going towards a completely unexpected direction as a group of suspicious men appear.