Fuera de Cartelera

Remember M, Remember E (1995)

91 minutos

91 minutos

Director: Charine Chan

Reparto: Nicky Wu Chi-Lung,Athena Chu,Mickey Chu,Lee Fung,Liu Xun,Hui Fan,Elaine Ng Yee-Lee,Ko Chun-Hsiung,Bonnie Fu,Elaine Law Suet-Ling,Ellen Liu Oi-Ling,

Fecha de Estreno: 1995-05-19


Chu (Mickey Chu Kin-Kwan) is a young fellow who's made it big in the business world, and makes headlines when he offers a large reward for a special $1000 bill with a personal inscription on it. The bill is a memento of his adolescent friendship with Ching (Athena Chu) and Ricky (Nicky Wu), who were once the best of friends. The three have since gone their separate ways, but Chu holds onto the bittersweet memories of their youth, when the three were inseparable, and saw only bright futures ahead of them. But misplaced emotions and the painful trials of youth split them apart, and now that Chu has finally made it big, he wants nothing more than to see the three reunited. Will the two respond to his impassioned plea to find them once again?