Fuera de Cartelera

Return of Wong Fei Hung (2017)

80 minutos

80 minutos

Director: Guo Yulong

Reparto: Xu Jingсhuan,Lynne Lin,Gao Xuanming,Yu Kang,Tong Hu,Anson Leung,Wang Yabin,Chen Ximing,Danny Ray,Yi Chi-Lok,

Fecha de Estreno: 2017-11-13


1882, Canton. Huguang Chamber of Commerce organizes a tournament to compete for the right to cooperate with the British merchant Brown. Liang Kuan comes to the ring to stand up for his younger brother, but it is a conspiracy by the British merchant Brown. The British came to China for the purpose of creating a "war machine". Wong Fei Hong appeared in time to save Liang Foon