Fuera de Cartelera

The Death of the Heart (1987)

109 minutos

109 minutos

Director: Peter Hammond

Reparto: Phyllis Calvert,JoJo Cole,Daniel Chatto,Alice Douglas,Paul Mark Elliott,Samantha Gates,Meryl Hampton,Robert Hardy,Nigel Havers,Damaris Hayman,Wendy Hiller,Patricia Hodge,Jonathan Hyde,Sophie Thompson,Patrick Pearson,Miranda Richardson,Michael Troughton,Judith Davis,

Fecha de Estreno: 1987-05-03


A young orphan girl, Portia, goes to live with her well-to-do aunt and uncle. As she is groomed to become a lady, she is confused by the young man who seems to be courting her. Surrounded by pretentious people who have no clue how to deal with teenagers, she soon loses her naïveté and thinks of running away.