Fuera de Cartelera

Fugitive (1974)

70 minutos

70 minutos

Director: Peter Gill

Reparto: Stephen Rea,Eve Belton,Paul Farrell,Bosco Hogan,Liam Redmond,David Kelly,Seamus Healy,Vass Anderson,Alan Barry,Ian Cunningham,Harry Webster,Cecil Sheridan,Betty Romaine,Eamonn Boyce,Joan Campbell,Chris Gannon,Doreen Keogh,Shay Gorman,Olivia Shanley,

Fecha de Estreno: 1974-12-05


After 18 years as a friar, Peter is no longer sure of his vocation. It is a happy life, maybe too much so, and now he has met Clare. Will his doubts run away with him? Runaway friars are officially "fugitives" who must be persuaded back to their order. Author Sean Walsh fled the Franciscan order to become first a journalist, then a playwright and is now a radio drama producer in Ireland.