Fuera de Cartelera

The Old Devils (1992)

158 minutos

158 minutos

Director: Tristram Powell

Reparto: John Stride,Sheila Allen,Ray Smith,Elizabeth Morgan,James Grout,Anne Stallybrass,Bernard Hepton,Anna Cropper,Elizabeth Spriggs,Gerald James,Desmond Barrit,Howell Evans,Pippa Guard,Tristram Jellinek,Dilys Price,Joy Roston,Noel Williams,Simon Corris,Colin Heber-Percy,Shirley King,John Lovat,Sian Owen,Ian Puleston-Davies,Sian Rhys,Clara Salaman,Anwen Williams,James Frank Benson,Caroline Berry,Robert Blythe,David Charles,Meredith Edwards,Islwyn Evans,Bernard Latham,Anna Linstrum,Molly Parkin,Gareth Potter,John Prior,Steve Speirs,Stan Stennett,William Roberts,Dorien Thomas,Hugh Thomas,Huw Tudor,Mark Venables,Terry Victor,Jack Walters,Tony Wright,Andrea Hessayon,

Fecha de Estreno: 1992-03-16


An adaptation of the novel by Kingsley Amis about a group of university friends reunited in retirement. Alun Weaver has found success as a celebrated London-based writer. After returning home to Wales with his alluring wife Rhiannon he reunites with old friends who chose to remain in the valleys. Long dormant romance are rekindled and rivalries resurrected in this turbulent story of ageing, friendship, lust, nostalgia and nationalism.