Fuera de Cartelera

Time After Time (1986)

105 minutos

105 minutos

Director: Bill Hays

Reparto: John Gielgud,Googie Withers,Helen Cherry,Ursula Howells,Brenda Bruce,Mark Lambert,Trevor Howard,Freddie Jones,Mavis Walker,Fiona Walker,Colm Hefferon,Liam Sweeney,Ann Rowan,Peter Gilroy,George Antoni,Olwen Fouéré,Aine Ni Mhuiri,Claire Mullan,Una Minto,George Baker,Sally Home,Susan Wayman,Timothy Ward,Anna Kipling,Sara James-Jordan,

Fecha de Estreno: 1986-01-26


'Oh I was naughty. And I'm still naughty so take care.' And so Leda was, all those years ago when she was the childhood friend of Jasper and his three sisters April, May and June. Now she returns to add a little spice to life in their crumbling Irish country house.