Image of John Steadman

John Steadman

1909-07-20 Lexington, South Carolina, USA

Image of John Steadman



The Outlaws Prospector 1984-07-09
Dark Night of the Scarecrow Mr. Loomis 1983-01-22
Young Doctors in Love The Patients - 82 Year Old Man 1982-07-16
Things Are Tough All Over Old Timer 1982-08-04
A Small Killing 1981-11-24
Chu Chu and the Philly Flash Snyder 1981-08-28
Fade to Black Sam 1980-10-14
Cheech & Chong's Next Movie Drunk in Welfare Office 1980-07-18
Stranger in Our House Veterinarian 1979-08-16
Hot Lead & Cold Feet Old Codger 1978-07-05
The Hills Have Eyes Fred 1977-07-22
The Choirboys Odello 1977-12-23
A Killing Affair Cooks 1977-09-21
Poco… Little Dog Lost Ben Ashton 1977-11-23
Gator Ned McKlusky 1976-08-25
St. Ives Willie 1976-02-24
Treasure of Matecumbe Guide 1976-07-01
Vigilante Force Shakey Malone 1976-09-09
Sherlock Holmes in New York Stage Doorman 1976-10-18
The Blue Knight [Pilot] Wimpey 1975-05-09
Dirty O'Neil Old Bill 1974-05-01
The Longest Yard Pop 1974-08-21
The Outfit Gas Station Attendant 1973-10-01
Emperor of the North Stew Bum 1973-05-23
White Lightning Skeeter 1973-08-06
Deadhead Miles 1972-08-08
The Grissom Gang 1971-05-28
Night Chase 1970-11-20