Image of Barry Morse

Barry Morse

1918-06-10 London, England, UK

Image of Barry Morse



I Really Hate My Job Old Man #2 2007-09-21
Promise Her Anything Reverend Adam Putter 1999-06-11
Memory Run 1995-06-16
Al lupo, al lupo Mario Sagonà 1992-12-18
The Birthday Dragon The Dragon (voice) 1992-09-11
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Hoover vs. the Kennedys: The Second Civil War Joseph Kennedy 1987-10-26
Covenant Zachariah 1985-08-05
Reunion at Fairborough Nathan Barsky 1985-05-12
Murder by Phone Fred Waites 1982-12-01
Journey Through the Black Sun Professor Victor Bergman 1982-09-13
The Changeling Parapsychologist 1980-03-28
Klondike Fever John Thornton 1980-01-12
A Tale of Two Cities Marquis St. Evremonde 1980-12-02
Hounds of Notre Dame Bishop Williams 1980-10-10
Cries in the Night Mr. Davis 1980-10-03
The Starlost: The Beginning Shalith 1980-01-01
Alien Attack Professor Victor Bergman 1980-09-04
The Shape of Things to Come Dr. John Caball 1979-05-04
Power Play Dr. Jean Rousseau 1978-11-01
Love at First Sight William 1977-06-17
Welcome to Blood City Supervisor 1977-08-23
One Man Colin Angus Campbell 1977-04-26
The Ugly Little Boy 1977-01-01
Spazio 1999 Victor Bergman 1975-01-14
To Kill the King Secretary 1974-09-13
Running Scared Mr. Case 1972-05-01
Asylum Bruno 1972-11-17
The Telephone Book Har Poon 1971-10-03
Puzzle of a Downfall Child Dr Galba 1970-12-16
Justine Colonel Maskelyne 1969-08-06
Kings of the Sun Ah Zok 1963-12-18
Lord Durham Gibbon Wakefield 1961-01-01
No Trace Harrison 1950-09-08
Daughter of Darkness Robert Stanforth 1948-01-21
Mrs. Fitzherbert Beau Brummell 1947-12-03
Late at Night Dave Jackson 1946-03-01
This Man Is Mine Ronnie 1946-09-12
The Dummy Talks 1943-10-25
When We Are Married Gerald Forbes 1943-07-12
The Goose Steps Out Kurt 1942-08-01
Thunder Rock Robert 1942-12-04