Image of Arnold Marlé

Arnold Marlé

1887-09-15 Berlin, Germany

Image of Arnold Marlé



The Password Is Courage Old Man on Train (uncredited) 1962-06-01
The Snake Woman Dr. Murton 1961-04-26
The Man Who Could Cheat Death Prof. Ludwig Weiss 1959-06-15
Davy Winkler 1958-01-02
The Abominable Snowman Lhama 1957-08-26
The Naked Truth Scientist (uncredited) 1957-12-03
Little Red Monkey Prof. Leon Dushenko 1955-06-03
They Can't Hang Me Karl Kopek 1955-10-01
Break in the Circle Prof. Pal Kudnic 1955-01-01
Cross Channel Papa Moreau 1955-09-29
The Green Buddha Vittorio Miranda 1954-11-01
The Floating Dutchman Otto 1952-01-01
The Glass Mountain Manager of Teatro La Fenice 1949-03-09
Portrait from Life Professor Franz Menzel 1948-12-15
White Cradle Inn Joseph 1947-02-28
Men of Two Worlds Prof. Gollner 1946-09-19
Mr. Emmanuel 1944-08-02
Thunder Rock President of the Medical Society (uncredited) 1942-12-04
One of Our Aircraft Is Missing Pieter Sluys 1942-04-24
Dood Water Dirk Brak 1934-10-25
Man soll es nicht für möglich halten ... 1922-06-01
Der Sprung ins Dunkle 1920-07-01