Image of Harry Locke

Harry Locke

1913-12-10 London, England, UK

Image of Harry Locke



The Creeping Flesh Barman 1973-02-12
Tales from the Crypt Harry the Cook 1972-03-09
Oh! What a Lovely War Heckler 1969-03-10
Carry On Again Doctor Porter 1969-12-05
Carry On Doctor Sam 1967-12-02
The Sky Bike Cycle Shop Owner 1967-12-01
Half a Sixpence Weight Guesser 1967-12-21
Arabesque Zookeeper 1966-05-04
The Family Way Mr Stubbs, Housing Officer 1966-12-18
Alfie Foreman 1966-03-29
Go Kart Go Greengrocer 1964-06-15
The Devil-Ship Pirates Bragg 1964-05-15
The Small World of Sammy Lee Stage Manager 1963-04-20
What a Crazy World George 1963-07-02
Heavens Above! Shop Steward 1963-05-20
Crooks Anonymous Fred 1962-03-31
Play It Cool Train Guard 1962-03-01
Two and Two Make Six Ted 1962-05-01
The Amorous Prawn Albert Huggin 1962-11-26
She'll Have to Go Stationmaster 1962-03-31
The L-Shaped Room Newsagent 1962-11-20
In the Doghouse Mr. West 1962-05-17
Never Back Losers Mr. Burnside 1961-12-01
The Man in the Back Seat Joe Carter 1961-06-01
On the Fiddle Huxtable 1961-10-10
Light Up the Sky! Roland Kenyon (as Gunner Harry Locke) 1960-07-05
Upstairs and Downstairs Train Ticket Inspector (uncredited) 1959-11-02
Carry On Nurse Mick 1959-01-30
Carlton-Browne of the F.O. Gaillardian commentator 1959-03-10
Woman in a Dressing Gown Wine Merchant 1957-07-03
Barnacle Bill Reporter 1957-12-17
Doctor at Large Porter 1957-03-26
The Silken Affair Tobacconist 1956-10-02
A Kid for Two Farthings (uncredited) 1956-01-20
Yield to the Night Fred 1956-06-19
Reach for the Sky Bates 1956-07-05
The Baby and the Battleship CPO Blades 1956-06-01
A Yank in Ermine Clayton 1955-01-01
The Teckman Mystery Leonard 1954-10-27
The Red Beret Medical Orderly 1953-08-11
Father's Doing Fine Little Man 1952-08-15
Tread Softly Nutty Potts 1952-12-01
Angels One Five Look Out 1952-03-19
The Undefeated 1950-01-02
Treasure Island Haggott 1950-07-19
Probation Officer Thomas Hobbs 1950-01-02
Private Angelo Cpl. Trivet 1949-07-06
Passport to Pimlico Sergeant 1949-10-26
Piccadilly Incident 1946-08-24