Image of Eric Clavering

Eric Clavering

1901-03-15 London, England, UK

Image of Eric Clavering



Sudden Fury Station Attendant 1975-11-07
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Much Too Shy Robert Latimer 1942-10-12
The Saint's Vacation Reporter at door 1941-05-09
South American George Mr. Durrant 1941-12-27
49th Parallel Art 1941-11-24
Tower of Terror Riemers 1941-12-27
Gasbags Sturmfuehrer 1941-02-01
The Patient Vanishes Al 1941-07-21
Neutral Port 1940-12-06
Sailors Three Bartender 1940-12-14
Where's That Fire Hank Sullivan 1939-06-29
The Frozen Limits Foxy 1939-11-01
Thoroughbred 1935-04-12
Undercover Men Madigan 1934-12-01