Image of Clay Tanner

Clay Tanner

1931-02-03 Clay, Indiana, USA

Image of Clay Tanner



Mr. Horn Lt. Henry Lawton 1979-02-01
Nowhere to Hide Lee 1977-06-05
Final Chapter: Walking Tall O.Q. Teal 1977-08-31
Hollywood Man Dave 1976-10-01
Zebra Force Lt. Claymore 1976-04-11
A Small Town in Texas Junior 1976-07-09
The Outlaw Josey Wales First Texas Ranger 1976-07-14
Drum Mr. Holcomb 1976-07-30
Race with the Devil Delbert 1975-06-01
The Gravy Train Bather 1974-06-16
She Lives! Police Officer 1973-09-12
Lady Sings the Blues The Detective #2 1972-10-12
How to Frame a Figg Motorcycle Officer 1971-02-01
Night Chase 1970-11-20
Hello, Dolly! Laborer (uncredited) 1969-12-12
Alexander The Great The Four Guardsmen 1968-01-26
Rosemary's Baby The Devil (uncredited) 1968-06-12