Image of Marianne Stone

Marianne Stone

1922-08-23 London, England, UK

Image of Marianne Stone


The accomplished character actress Marianne Stone had the distinction of being the most prolific actress in the UK, appearing in over 200 films, an achievement that earned her a place in the latest Guinness Book of World Records as "the actress with the most screen credits". She has also been hailed in the book English Gothic: A Century of Horror Cinema for her contribution to the horror movies that flourished in the Sixties, but most of her screen roles were as working-class characters. In two of her earliest films she was respectively a shop assistant in When the Bough Breaks (1947), and a sluggish waitress in Brighton Rock (1947).


Deja Vu Mabel 1985-05-01
The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood 1984-05-22
In Possession Woman Downstairs 1984-08-01
The Wicked Lady Customer in Shop 1983-04-21
Funny Money Admissions Nurse 1982-01-08
Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective Venus 1981-01-04
The Class Of Miss MacMichael Mrs. Lee 1979-01-27
The Human Factor Matron 1979-12-18
What's Up Superdoc! Dr. Maconachie 1978-03-21
Sammy's Super T-Shirt Neighbour 1978-01-01
Confessions from a Holiday Camp Waitress 1977-01-01
The Great Snail Race Mum 1976-01-01
I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight Consultant 1976-02-15
Carry On Behind Mrs Rowan 1975-06-10
That Lucky Touch Party Guest 1975-08-07
Penny Gold Mrs. Parsons 1974-11-29
Craze Jane - Barmaid 1974-05-15
Carry On Dick Maggie 1974-02-01
Miss Nightingale 1974-01-01
The Cherry Picker 1974-01-01
Confessions of a Window Cleaner Woman at Cinema 1974-01-01
Percy's Progress Reporter (uncredited) 1974-08-01
Carry On Girls Miss Drew 1973-11-09
The Vault of Horror Jane (segment 2 "The Neat Job") 1973-03-16
The Love Ban Customer in Chemists 1973-01-01
Baxter! Woman 1973-03-04
The Creeping Flesh Woman Doctor 1973-02-12
Au Pair Girls Mrs. Fairfax 1972-07-01
Bless This House Muriel 1972-01-01
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? Miss Wilcox 1972-02-11
Tower of Evil Nurse 1972-05-19
All Coppers Are... Distressed Woman in Pub 1972-01-24
Carry On at Your Convenience Maud 1971-06-15
Incense for the Damned Cheerful Lady at Party (uncredited) 1971-05-14
The Firechasers Edwards 1971-01-01
Assault Matron 1971-02-11
Mr. Forbush and the Penguins Policewoman 1971-07-29
All the Right Noises Landlady 1971-01-01
Countess Dracula Kitchen Maid 1971-01-30
Every Home Should Have One TV Production Assistant 1970-03-05
Scrooge Party Guest 1970-11-05
The Games 1970-08-07
There's a Girl in My Soup Reporter 1970-12-15
Doctor in Trouble Spinster 1970-06-16
Baby Love Manageress 1969-03-19
Lock Up Your Daughters 1969-03-29
The Best House in London 1969-01-01
Otley Woman at Party 1969-03-11
Oh! What a Lovely War Mill Girl 1969-03-10
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Mrs Kelly 1968-01-22
The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom Factory Tea Lady 1968-09-11
Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River Air Passenger 1968-07-12
Twisted Nerve Store Detective (uncredited) 1968-12-20
Carry On Doctor Mother 1967-12-02
Berserk Wanda 1967-11-01
A Countess from Hong Kong Reporter 1967-01-05
Deadlier Than the Male Weston's Secretary 1967-02-12
The Long Duel Major's Wife 1967-07-27
To Sir, with Love Gert 1967-06-14
The Wrong Box Spinster 1966-06-19
Don't Lose Your Head Landlady 1966-12-10
The Spy with a Cold Nose Mrs Whitby 1966-12-19
Carry On Screaming Mrs. Parker 1966-05-20
The Sandwich Man Uncredited 1966-07-01
Strangler's Web Alicia Preston 1965-08-01
The Intelligence Men Woman in Lift 1965-04-13
Catch Us If You Can Mrs. Vera Stone 1965-07-15
Devils of Darkness The Duchess 1965-05-01
Hysteria Miss Grogan 1965-04-01
The Night Caller Madge Lilburn 1965-12-31
You Must be Joking 1965-08-03
Rattle of a Simple Man Barmaid 1964-12-20
Nothing But the Best Horton's Secretary 1964-03-10
The Beauty Jungle Rita 1964-08-25
Witchcraft Forrester's Secretary 1964-03-01
A Hard Day's Night Society Journalist 1964-07-07
Edgar Wallace - Das Verrätertor Cashier at Dandy Club 1964-12-18
The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb Hashmi Bey's landlady 1964-10-18
Heavens Above! Miss Palmer 1963-05-20
Ladies Who Do Mrs. Gubbins 1963-11-01
Echo of Diana Miss Green 1963-05-01
The Marked One Mrs. Benson 1963-01-01
A Stitch in Time Mrs Cutforth 1963-12-01
The Victors Prostitute at Hotel de Flandre 1963-11-22
Carry On Jack Peg 1963-11-01
Doctor in Distress Cafe Waitress (uncredited) 1963-07-30
The Cool Mikado Espresso Waitress 1963-01-07
The Hi-Jackers 1963-12-13
Paranoiac Woman #2 (uncredited) 1963-01-07
The Wrong Arm of the Law Woman at Meeting 1963-03-17
Night of the Prowler Mrs Cross 1962-12-01
Play It Cool Beatnik Woman 1962-03-01
Jigsaw 1962-08-21
Crooks Anonymous 1962-03-31
Lolita Vivian Darkbloom 1962-06-13
Band of Thieves Cleaner 1962-08-30
The Fast Lady Miss Oldham 1962-12-14
Gaolbreak Mrs. Marshall 1962-04-02
Two and Two Make Six Grand Hotel day receptionist 1962-05-01
On the Fiddle Stretcher Bearer (Uncredited) 1961-10-10
Five Golden Hours Tina 1961-02-01
The Day the Earth Caught Fire Miss Evans (uncredited) 1961-11-01
Watch It, Sailor! Waiting room woman 1961-08-14
The Frightened City Barmaid 1961-09-01
Double Bunk Prospective Purchaser's Wife 1961-05-06
Doctor in Love Hospital Sister (uncredited) 1960-07-12
Hell Is a City (uncredited) 1960-04-10
The Big Day Madge Delaney 1960-07-01
The Angry Silence Mavis 1960-03-10
Operation Bullshine Sgt. Cook 1959-06-30
No Trees in the Street Mrs Jokel 1959-01-01
Jack the Ripper Drunken Woman 1959-05-28
Carry On Nurse Mrs Alice Able 1959-01-30
Please Turn Over Mrs. Waring 1959-12-17
Tiger Bay Mrs. Williams 1959-03-01
Carlton-Browne of the F.O. Woman In Cinema 1959-03-10
The 39 Steps Hospital Administrator (uncredited) 1959-03-13
I'm All Right Jack TV Receptionist 1959-08-18
Corridors of Blood Arrested Woman (uncredited) 1958-12-01
The Golden Disc Dryden's Secretary 1958-03-04
A Cry from the Streets Cleaner 1958-08-12
A Night to Remember Stewardess (uncredited) 1958-07-03
Woman in a Dressing Gown Hair Dresser 1957-07-03
Hell Drivers Nurse 1957-07-23
The Good Companions Marilyn, Honeymoon Couple 1957-04-22
Man from Tangier Woman In Hotel 1957-11-25
Quatermass 2 Miss Beal 1957-05-24
Hell Drivers Nurse attending Gino 1957-07-23
At the Stroke of Nine Secretary 1957-06-01
Just My Luck Tea Bar Attendant 1957-11-14
Cloak Without Dagger Mrs. Markley 1956-05-31
Bond of Fear Mrs Simon 1956-04-01
Charley Moon Silvers' Secretary 1956-05-01
Passport to Treason Miss 'Jonesy' Jones 1956-01-01
Private's Progress Miss Sugden 1956-02-17
High Terrace Mansfield's Landlady 1956-10-01
Tiger in the Smoke (uncredited) 1956-11-27
A Day of One's Own 1956-01-01
A Touch of the Sun Miss Grey (Uncredited) 1956-10-01
Lost Mrs. Marley (Uncredited) 1956-01-31
Eyewitness Cinema Usherette 1956-08-14
Barbados Quest Mrs Wilson 1955-07-01
The Brain Machine Hospital Technician (uncredited) 1955-01-01
Colonel March Investigates Customer in Bank 1955-08-22
Portrait of Alison Receptionist 1955-11-29
The Quatermass Xperiment Central Clinic Nurse (uncredited) 1955-08-26
Simon and Laura Elsie 1955-11-02
The Good Die Young Molly 1954-03-02
You Know What Sailors Are 1954-02-09
Beautiful Stranger Annabelle 1954-07-13
Dance Little Lady Nurse 1954-07-13
The Gay Dog Barmaid (Uncredited) 1954-06-01
A Day to Remember Doreen, Shorty's Girlfriend (uncredited) 1953-11-10
The Net Maisie 1953-02-09
Spaceways Mrs. Rogers 1953-07-01
The Runaway Bus Travel Girl 1953-09-28
36 Hours Pam Palmer 1953-12-04
The Magic Box Bride in Wedding Group 1952-01-01
Time, Gentlemen, Please! Mrs Pincer 1952-07-01
Angels One Five W.A.A.F. 1952-03-19
Angels One Five W.A.A.F 1952-03-19
Appointment with Venus A.T.S. Auxiliary 1951-10-08
The Clouded Yellow Young Woman at Nora's House (uncredited) 1950-11-21
Rocky Mountain Stage Passenger (uncredited) 1950-11-11
Seven Days to Noon Woman in Phone Box (uncredited) 1950-10-30
Marry Me Elsie 1949-06-07
Brighton Rock Waitress 1948-01-09
It's Hard to be Good Clerk in Newspaper Office 1948-11-10
Escape Dangerous Jacqueline Fabre 1947-12-14
When The Bough Breaks Shop Assistant (as Mary Stone) 1947-11-19
Miss London Ltd. 1943-06-14