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Mindy Robinson

1980-02-14 Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

Image of Mindy Robinson


A Los Angeles based actress, model, comedian and reality star, she has appeared in numerous comedies, horror films, music videos, and as a TV personality in a dozen or so major network reality shows, most notably as the outspoken blonde on FOX's 2012 season of Take Me Out with George Lopez.


Bleach Queen Isabella 2022-12-15
Clown Motel 2 2022-08-09
Dark Angels: The Demon Pit Jezebel 2022-08-11
Abaddon Mia Lewis 2021-07-04
For the Hits Tiff Nomorales 2021-04-16
Poker Run Fred 2021-12-30
Roe v. Wade Ellen McCormack 2021-04-02
The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre Shirlene 2021-09-10
Knucks Ava 2021-10-26
Stand On It! Fred 2020-11-27
Brides of Satan Mary Beth Foster 2020-10-31
Stay Off The App Nurse 2020-11-05
Acts of Revenge Julia 2020-07-07
A Place Called Hollywood Rena 2019-05-04
Christmas Cars Evelyn Tisdale 2019-11-28
Butcher's Bake Off: Hell's Kitchen Lucy Furr 2019-10-01
The Immortal Wars: Resurgence Lauren 2019-12-13
Weedjies: Halloweed Night Party Guest 2019-10-21
Evil Bong 777 Lucy Furr/Phoebe 2018-04-20
Antidote Sasha 2018-12-14
The Dip Run Ericka 2018-11-20
5th Passenger Thea 2018-05-30
Warfighter Darla Pope 2018-06-06
Adrenochrome Maggie 2018-02-01
Abducted Jenny 2018-02-21
Evil Bong 666 Lucy Furr 2017-04-20
You Can't Have It Karen 2017-03-17
Not a War Story Self 2017-06-30
Blackmail Voodoo Priestess Guard 2017-04-01
You're Gonna Miss Me Maxi Montana 2017-06-06
Check Point Rebecca 2017-03-07
Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death Hanna Black 2017-10-14
The Doll Mindy 2017-12-08
All About the Money Vanessa 2017-06-02
Adam K Detective Carli Mansfield 2016-08-12
Range 15 Eliza 2016-06-15
Natural Born Pranksters Video Vixen 2016-04-01
Bloody Island Daisy 2016-12-21
Non-Stop to Comic-Con Amber 2016-01-29
The American Gandhi Candy 2016-06-01
Nasty Piece of Work Nurse Lola 2016-06-01
Ballet Of Blood Sylvie 2016-03-01
Evil Bong: High 5 Phoebe 2016-04-20
Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens Annie the Fan 2016-07-31
The Bet Kirsten Kelly Lucas 2016-05-03
Rhonda Rides to Hell Kimi 2016-10-13
Always Shine Candy (uncredited) 2016-11-25
The Book of Fire Lucilla 2015-11-22
Mansion of Blood Shirley 2015-07-15
Sister Code Tiffany 2015-05-08
Less Than a Whisper Mrs. Sandra 2015-01-01
Road Hard Kristi 2015-03-06
Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance Lauren Kimura 2015-10-09
Street Ring Girl 2015-10-30
A Blood Story Madison Sheffield 2015-06-09
Hallucinogen Amanda 2015-01-01
Despair Sessions Julia 2015-05-22
The Green Fairy Green Fairy 2015-01-01
Going to America Nurse Betty 2015-08-28
Evil Bong 420 Phoebe 2015-04-20
Bikini Model Academy Gangina 2015-09-01
All American Bikini Car Wash Tracy 2015-08-29
Alpha House Abby 2014-03-11
Mantervention Beach Hottie 2014-09-05
Burying the Ex Mindy 2014-09-04
Ask Me Anything Raver 2014-04-19
Club Lingerie Trisha 2014-11-02
The Coed and the Zombie Stoner Nurse Escandalo 2014-04-18
Lost Angels Veronica 2014-08-23
Chicks Dig Gay Guys Mandy 2014-06-11
After School Massacre Linda 2014-01-10
Swelter Party Host 2014-04-20
Our Way Tory 2014-10-30
7 Faces of Jack the Ripper Catherine 2014-08-01
Live Nude Girls Amber 2014-08-19
Stretch Russian Hooker 2014-10-14
Bloodsucka Jones Vega 2014-09-07
The Oatmeal Man Danielle 2014-10-19
Casting Couch Kristin Fox 2013-03-12
Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong Phoebe 2013-10-29
The Devil's Dozen Victim 2013-02-01
Babes Behind Bars Host 2013-12-20
Abstraction Jenny 2013-09-08
Helen Keller Had a Pitbull Suzy Barry 2013-06-01
Fork You Sandy 2013-08-29
The Bitch That Cried Wolf Maya 2013-09-20
Bounty Killer Estelle 2013-09-05
Captain Battle: Legacy War Anna 2013-01-12
Lizzie Borden's Revenge Ashley 2013-10-18
The Impaler Ivina 2013-10-31
V/H/S/2 Tabitha 2013-06-06
Ambushed Afterhours Dancer 2013-09-21
Bikini Spring Break Background 2012-06-26
Killjoy Goes to Hell Red Devil Girl 2012-10-09
The Haunting of Whaley House Candy Galore 2012-07-31
The Kirkbride Project Nancy
The Country Singer Mindy
Aquatic Siege The Government
Compatible Reporter Colorado News
The Year of Laughing Dangerously Hazel McClure
Adrenochrome II Vegas
Ted Bundy Had a Son Grace The Reporter