Image of Natalia Trejos

Natalia Trejos

Image of Natalia Trejos


Natalia Trejos, is a Colombian actress and producer. Natalia co-stared on the hit Golden Globe winner series "Jane The Virgin" from the CW Network and participated on the movie "Alien Convergence" where she plays the role of a NASA Astrophysicist, available on Amazon Prime Video. Natalia hosts and executive produces her own TV show and podcast Pinkafé as she continues to pursue the big screen and American TV series. Natalia studied acting, music and film production in South Florida. After winning a Beauty pageant, she became the lead singer of "Mágica Juventud" band. Her debut on the big screen was in 2004 on the film "To Kill A Killer". After years of living in Miami, Natalia moved to Los Angeles to continue pushing her acting career. As an entrepreneur Natalia founded her own production company based in LA, producing commercials for major brands, such as McDonalds, Colgate, Ford, Snickers, Heineken, among others. Through her female empowerment brand "Pinkafe", Natalia and her sister Carolina Trejos are honored to help other women to believe in themselves and overcome obstacles. In 2023 she published her book The Power Of Your Dream which is available worldwide.


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