Image of Gary A. Hecker

Gary A. Hecker

1960-08-25 Akron, Ohio, USA

Image of Gary A. Hecker



Spirit Untamed Horse Vocals (voice) 2021-05-20
Zack Snyder's Justice League Creature Vocals (voice) 2021-03-18
Justice League Creature Vocals (voice) 2017-11-15
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Creature Vocals (voice) 2016-03-23
Sucker Punch Special Creature Vocals (voice) 2011-03-24
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (voice) (as Gary Hecker) 2009-09-17
300 Ubermortal Vocals (voice) 2007-03-07
Shrek Dragon Vocals (voice) (uncredited) 2001-05-18
Hollow Man Gorilla Vocals 2000-08-04
Lost in Space Blarp (voice) 1998-04-03
Godzilla Creature Vocals (voice) 1998-05-20
Buddy Buddy (voice) 1997-06-06
Independence Day Alien Vocal Effects (voice) 1996-06-25