Image of Burke Byrnes

Burke Byrnes

1937-12-09 Oceanside, Long Island, New York, USA

Image of Burke Byrnes



Moment of Truth: Cradle of Conspiracy Officer Otis 1994-05-02
Robot Wars Technician 1993-04-28
Daughters of Privilege Elkay Hibbard 1991-03-17
Child's Play 3 Sergeant Clark 1991-08-30
Curly Sue Dr. Maxwell 1991-10-25
The Last of the Finest Commnader Orsni 1990-03-09
Taking Care of Business Prison Guard 1990-08-16
Air America Recruiter 1990-08-10
After Dark, My Sweet Cop 1990-08-24
The Land Before Time Daddy Topps (voice) 1988-11-18
Witchboard Lt. Dewhurst 1986-12-31
Legal Eagles Second Cop 1986-06-18
The Falcon and the Snowman U.S. Customs Official 1985-01-25
Love on the Run Melvin Small 1985-10-21
Welcome Home, Jellybean 1984-03-24
Missing Pieces 2nd Man Hood 1983-05-14
Private School Mr. Ramsay 1983-06-29
Mae West Withers 1982-05-02
Once Upon a Spy Burkle 1980-09-19
Fun and Games Dennis 1980-05-25
Meteor Coast Guard Officer 1979-10-19
Prophecy Father 1979-09-14
The Onion Field CHP Officer Odom 1979-09-09
10 1979-10-05
A Different Story Richard II 1978-05-10
Cindy Swearing-In Officer 1978-03-24
The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald 1977-09-30
The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver Bartender at Beach 1977-02-28
Fun with Dick and Jane Roger 1977-03-18
The Night They Took Miss Beautiful Barney Jessup 1977-10-24
Bound for Glory Mr. Graham 1976-12-05
Hustling Bus Driver 1975-02-22
The Terminal Man Benson's Guard 1974-06-19
Tight as a Drum Arthur Clark 1974-02-11
Scorpio Morrison 1973-04-11
Class of '63 Second Alumnus 1973-03-14
Gidget Gets Married Minister 1972-01-04
Thumb Tripping Jack 1972-10-01
The New Centurions Phillips 1972-08-03