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Sadie Katz

1978-10-13 Orange County, California, USA

Image of Sadie Katz


Sadie Katz is a working actress living in Los Angeles. Her most recent film Credits include starring in 20th Century Fox's Fan Favorite Horror franchise "Wrong Turn 6" playing the twisted, sexy Sally Hillicker. Showing her range and acting chops she also played the sweet sensitive, leading lady in "Chavez: Cage of Glory" opening in 400 theaters September 2013 along side Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer and Hector Echavarria. Katz also stars in the thriller "House of Bad" Fan Favorite Award Winner at Big Bear Horror Fest 2013. You can also see Sadie starring as a free-spirited partygirl with issues in "Nipple and Palm Trees" on Amazon, ITunes with Hulu just rereleasing it dubbing it a "Cult Comedy." Katz also penned the screenplay "Scorned" starring Anna Lynn McCord and Zane, release date February 2014 by Anchor Bay.


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