Image of Leoda Richards

Leoda Richards

1907-03-15 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Image of Leoda Richards



An Early Frost Passenger Exiting Elevator (uncredited) 1985-05-01
The Blues Brothers Restaurant Patron 1980-06-16
American Gigolo Diner Patron (uncredited) 1980-02-08
The Main Event Party Guest (uncredited) 1979-06-22
The Great Santini Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1979-10-26
The Crash of Flight 401 Passenger (uncredited) 1978-10-29
The Swarm Briefing Guest (uncredited) 1978-07-14
California Suite Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1978-12-15
The Spell Party Guest (uncredited) 1977-02-20
Fun with Dick and Jane Fashion Show Attendee (uncredited) 1977-03-18
Gable and Lombard Movie Premiere Guest 1976-02-11
Silent Movie Patient (uncredited) 1976-06-17
W.C. Fields and Me Lady in Theatre Audience 1976-03-31
Lipstick Courtroom Spectator (uncredited) 1976-04-02
Futureworld Woman in TV Show Audience 1976-08-13
At Long Last Love Party Guest (uncredited) 1975-03-01
Young Frankenstein Theatre Goer 1974-12-15
Mame Theatre Patron (uncredited) 1974-03-07
The Towering Inferno Party Guest (uncredited) 1974-12-14
Earthquake Emergency Soup Kitchen Worker in Wilson Plaza (uncredited) 1974-11-15
Westworld Incoming Guest (uncredited) 1973-08-15
The Way We Were Protester (uncredited) 1973-10-17
Save the Tiger Woman at Buyers' Show 1973-02-14
Scream Blacula Scream Party Guest 1973-06-27
Skyjacked Passenger 1972-05-24
Airport Woman on Dais 1970-05-29
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes Casino Patron (uncredited) 1969-12-29
Topaz Party Guest (uncredited) 1969-12-17
Once You Kiss a Stranger... Patron in Country Club Bar 1969-11-12
The Love God? Courtroom Spectator (uncredited) 1969-08-01
Hello, Dolly! Old Lady at Parade (uncredited) 1969-12-12
Sweet Charity Onlooker at Park (uncredited) 1969-02-25
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting Restaurant Patron 1969-05-13
Yours, Mine and Ours Wedding Guest (uncredited) 1968-04-24
Hellfighters Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1968-11-27
How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life Store Customer (uncredited) 1968-01-17
The Impossible Years Party Guest (uncredited) 1968-12-05
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Party Guest (uncredited) 1967-06-30
Point Blank Conventioneer (uncredited) 1967-08-30
Enter Laughing Audience Member (uncredited) 1967-02-25
Thoroughly Modern Millie Party Guest 1967-03-22
Rosie! Lady In Concert Audience 1967-11-22
Any Wednesday Art Gallery Visitor (uncredited) 1966-10-13
The Singing Nun Party Guest 1966-03-17
The Chase Party Guest (uncredited) 1966-02-18
The Silencers Nightclub Patron 1966-02-18
How to Steal a Million Lady in Ritz Hotel Bar (uncredited) 1966-07-13
Torn Curtain Woman Backstage (uncredited) 1966-07-15
Made in Paris Fashion Show Attendee 1966-02-09
The Ugly Dachshund Woman with Sheepdog (uncredited) 1966-02-16
The Sound of Music Party Guest 1965-03-29
The Loved One Lady at Airport 1965-10-11
Zebra in the Kitchen Courtroom Spectator 1965-06-01
The Best Man Convention Attendee (uncredited) 1964-04-05
Viva Las Vegas Show Spectator (uncredited) 1964-02-08
Send Me No Flowers Woman at Country Club Dance (uncredited) 1964-10-14
The Brass Bottle Pedestrian (uncredited) 1964-05-20
Looking for Love Nightclub Patron (uncredited) 1964-08-05
Dead Ringer Party Guest (uncredited) 1964-02-19
Son of Flubber Halloween Party Guest (uncredited) 1963-01-16
The Thrill of It All Lady Outside Hospital Elevator (uncredited) 1963-07-17
Days of Wine and Roses Party Guest 1963-02-04
For Love or Money Wedding Guest 1963-08-07
The Wheeler Dealers Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1963-11-14
Move Over, Darling Hotel Guest (uncredited) 1963-12-19
Advise & Consent Senator (uncredited) 1962-06-06
That Touch of Mink Dress Salon Attendant (uncredited) 1962-06-14
The Notorious Landlady Trial Spectator (uncredited) 1962-04-13
Zotz! Party Guest 1962-10-03
The Manchurian Candidate Woman at Press Confrence (uncredited) 1962-10-24
The Children's Hour Parent at Piano Recital (uncredited) 1961-12-19
Bachelor in Paradise Courtroom Spectator (uncredited) 1961-11-01
Pocketful of Miracles Woman Sitting Next to Mayor in Car (uncredited) 1961-12-18
A Fever in the Blood Extra 1961-01-28
The Right Approach Party Guest 1961-05-17
The Ladies Man Faculty Member (uncredited) 1961-06-21
Lover Come Back Nightclub Patron (uncredited) 1961-12-20
The Parent Trap Parent (uncredited) 1961-05-13
Parrish Party Guest 1961-05-04
The Flight That Disappeared Airline Passenger 1961-09-01
G.I. Blues Cafe Europa patron (uncredited) 1960-11-23
Seven Thieves Casino Patron (uncredited) 1960-03-11
Inherit the Wind Woman Diner (uncredited) 1960-07-07
Where the Boys Are Fainting Lady (uncredited) 1960-12-28
Please Don't Eat the Daisies Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1960-03-31
The Best of Everything Exiting Actress (uncredited) 1959-10-09
Beloved Infidel Woman at Screening (uncredited) 1959-11-17
Holiday for Lovers Party guest 1959-07-21
Pillow Talk Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1959-10-07
The Rookie Shipboard party guest 1959-12-01
High School Confidential! Dress Shop Customer 1958-05-30
Screaming Mimi Nightclub Patron 1958-06-25
Going Steady Lady Seated on Graduation Ceremony Stage 1958-02-01
Auntie Mame Party Guest (uncredited) 1958-12-04
Home Before Dark Extra 1958-11-16
Cowboy Woman in Hotel Lobby 1958-01-23
The Garment Jungle Lobby Guest (uncredited) 1957-05-01
An Affair to Remember Audience Member (uncredited) 1957-07-11
My Man Godfrey Party Guest (uncredited) 1957-10-11
Pal Joey Club Patron (uncredited) 1957-10-25
Funny Face Fashion Show Spectator 1957-02-13
Designing Woman Lady in Newspaper Office / Fashion Show Guest (uncredited) 1957-05-16
Witness for the Prosecution Hat Store Sales Clerk (uncredited) 1957-12-17
The Girl He Left Behind Restaurant Patron 1956-10-26
Bundle of Joy Store Clerk 1956-12-12
High Society Party Guest (uncredited) 1956-07-17
You Can't Run Away from It Wedding Guest 1956-10-30
The Solid Gold Cadillac Secretary (uncredited) 1956-08-22
It's Always Fair Weather Lady in TV Audience (uncredited) 1955-08-30
Sincerely Yours Guest at Charity Carnival 1955-11-05
The View from Pompey's Head Party Guest 1955-11-04
The Cobweb Concertgoer (Uncredited) 1955-06-07
A Star Is Born Party Guest (uncredited) 1954-10-01
Phffft Restaurant Patron (uncredited) 1954-11-10
Dangerous Crossing Ship's Passenger (uncredited) 1953-07-22