Image of Jack Wise

Jack Wise

1888-01-02 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Image of Jack Wise



House of Wax Elevator Operator (uncredited) 1953-04-16
Storm Warning Townsman at Inquest (uncredited) 1951-02-10
The Screen Director Preview Audience Spectator (uncredited) 1951-03-12
Homicide Hotel Tenant 1949-04-02
It's a Great Feeling Train Passenger in Lower (uncredited) 1949-08-01
Always Together Husband (uncredited) 1947-12-10
So You Want to Be in Pictures Autograph Seeker (uncredited) 1947-06-07
Hollywood Canteen Busboy (uncredited) 1944-12-15
The Hard Way Actor Leaving Theater (Uncredited) 1943-01-13
Old Acquaintance Baggage Man (uncredited) 1943-11-27
Action in the North Atlantic Dispatcher (uncredited) 1943-06-12
Vaudeville Days Man in Audience (uncredited) 1942-12-19
Gentleman Jim Headwaiter (uncredited) 1942-11-14
Casablanca Waiter (uncredited) 1942-11-26
The Great Mr. Nobody Newspaper Office Clerk 1941-02-15
Out of the Fog 1941-06-14
Meet John Doe Delegate (uncredited) 1941-03-14
A Shot in the Dark Photographer 1941-04-05
Bad Men of Missouri Tax Collector 1941-07-26
Highway West Tourist (uncredited) 1941-08-07
'Til We Meet Again Ship Officer (uncredited) 1940-04-20
They Drive by Night Jake (uncredited) 1940-07-26
Knute Rockne All American Football Fan at Game (uncredited) 1940-10-05
Money and the Woman Seated Bank Customer (uncredited) 1940-08-17
A Fugitive from Justice Reporter at Train Station (uncredited) 1940-06-15
No Time for Comedy Actor in Show (uncredited) 1940-09-14
Calling Philo Vance 1st Photographer (uncredited) 1940-02-03
Alice in Movieland Autograph Hound (uncredited) 1940-03-03
Alex in Wonderland Count Clerk 1940-03-09
King of the Lumberjacks Lumberjack at Wedding Reception (uncredited) 1940-04-12
Saturday's Children Elevator Operator (uncredited) 1940-05-04
Torchy Blane in Chinatown Party Guest (uncredited) 1939-02-02
Secret Service of the Air Ivan's Alien Pal 1939-03-04
Hell's Kitchen Man in Line (uncredited) 1939-07-03
Torchy Runs for Mayor Police Stenographer (uncredited) 1939-05-13
Indianapolis Speedway Spectator 1939-08-05
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Second Photographer (uncredited) 1939-09-09
On Your Toes Stagehand 1939-10-14
Code of the Secret Service Croupier (uncredited) 1939-05-27
Private Detective Extra Leaving Courtroom (uncredited) 1939-12-09
Blackwell's Island Prison Barber (uncredited) 1939-01-24
Nancy Drew... Reporter Newspaper Office Worker (uncredited) 1939-02-18
Smashing the Money Ring Prison Runner 1939-10-21
They Made Me a Criminal Second Fight Ticket Seller (uncredited) 1939-01-21
Each Dawn I Die Convict (uncredited) 1939-07-22
Women in the Wind Welcoming Official / Cleveland Spectator (uncredited) 1939-04-15
Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter Extra Watching Fire 1939-06-17
Torchy Blane in Panama Steward (uncredited) 1938-05-07
He Couldn't Say No $30 Bidder 1938-03-19
Garden of the Moon Night Club Patron on Dance Floor (uncredited) 1938-09-23
Torchy Gets Her Man Laughing Bystander (uncredited) 1938-11-12
Penrod's Double Trouble First Reporter (uncredited) 1938-07-23
My Bill First Man Buying a Newspaper (uncredited) 1938-07-08
Comet Over Broadway Stage Manager 1938-12-03
Over the Wall Clothesbox Convict Trusty 1938-04-02
Cowboy from Brooklyn Reporter 1938-07-09
Racket Busters Cashier (uncredited) 1938-07-16
Midnight Court Court Clerk 1937-03-06
The Adventurous Blonde Joker in Bar (uncredited) 1937-11-13
Ever Since Eve First Pedestrian (uncredited) 1937-07-15
Talent Scout Extra at Benefit Show (uncredited) 1937-07-24
White Bondage Clerk 1937-08-05
Melody for Two Nightclub Patron 1937-05-01
Smart Blonde Hymie (uncredited) 1937-01-02
Love Is on the Air KDTS Employee 1937-10-02
Guns of the Pecos Davis Bros. Clerk 1937-01-02
Jailbreak Reporter 1936-08-05
Road Gang Convict at Farm (uncredited) 1936-03-28
Earthworm Tractors Johnson's Clerk 1936-07-24
The Big Noise Silent Sign Painter (uncredited) 1936-06-21
King of Hockey Man with Penalty Timekeeper 1936-12-19
The Captain's Kid Weymouth, the Hotel Desk Clerk 1936-11-14
Freshman Love Oggi's Attendant (uncredited) 1936-01-18
Bullets or Ballots Waiter (uncredited) 1936-06-06
Sons o' Guns Military Policeman 1936-05-13
Satan Met a Lady Pushy Photographer (uncredited) 1936-07-22
Here Comes Carter Lineman 1936-10-24
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Courtroom Reporter (uncredited) 1936-04-09
Dinky Spud - Prison Visitor 1935-05-11
Don't Bet on Blondes Man Going to Bet on Tip (Uncredited) 1935-07-13
A Night at the Ritz Busboy (uncredited) 1935-03-23
While the Patient Slept Reporter (uncredited) 1935-03-09
Broadway Hostess Nightclub Waiter (uncredited) 1935-12-07
The Circus Clown Card Player 1934-06-30
Smarty Nightclub Waiter (uncredited) 1934-05-19
I Sell Anything Spectator (uncredited) 1934-10-19
Hi, Nellie! Vital Statistics Clerk (uncredited) 1934-01-20
The Case of the Howling Dog Telegram Clerk (uncredited) 1934-09-22
Bureau of Missing Persons Mr. Engel - Press Agent (uncredited) 1933-09-16
Hard to Handle Florida Hotel Clerk (uncredited) 1933-01-28
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang Tailor (uncredited) 1932-11-09
Big City Blues Speakeasy Patron (uncredited) 1932-09-18
Five Star Final 1931-09-26
Numbered Men Bugs - Convict (uncredited) 1930-06-07
The Doorway to Hell Delivery Waiter (uncredited) 1930-10-18
Smilin' Guns Professor 1929-03-31