Image of Lou Criscuolo

Lou Criscuolo

1934-01-21 New York City, New York, USA

Image of Lou Criscuolo



42 Reporter One 2013-04-12
Waterproof 2000-01-01
Enchanted Theater Manager (as Lou Criscolo) 1998-05-01
The Horror Story 1997-11-29
Horror Story Lou Morgan 1997-04-15
Never Give Up: The Jimmy V Story Rocco Valvano 1996-04-02
The Stepford Husbands David Walker 1996-05-14
Gramps Bellhop 1995-05-20
Radioland Murders Cop 1994-10-21
The Hudsucker Proxy Mailroom Screamer 1994-03-11
The Crow Uniform Cop #1 1994-05-11
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Mystery of the Blues Ceasarino 1993-03-13
Once Around Uncle 1991-01-18
29th Street Ticket Buyer 1991-11-01
Weekend at Bernie's First Islander 1989-07-05
Traxx Palucci Gang Member 1988-09-17
Eat and Run Italian Ices Vendor 1987-02-20
From the Hip McAlbee 1987-02-06
Enormous Changes at the Last Minute George 1983-01-01
Family Enforcer Anthony Iadavia 1976-10-29
The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight Junior 1971-12-22
Going Home Angry Man 1971-12-01