Image of Eugene Borden

Eugene Borden

1897-03-21 Paris, France

Image of Eugene Borden


Eugene Borden (born Élysée Eugène Prieur-Bardin, March 21, 1897 – July 2, 1971) was an American character actor in silent and sound films. Born in France, he immigrated to the United States as a teenager, and entered the film industry a short time later. He appeared in over 150 films, as well as shorts, serials, and television shows.


What a Way to Go! Man (uncredited) 1964-07-31
Take Her, She's Mine M. Guerin (uncredited) 1963-11-13
A New Kind of Love Man (uncredited) 1963-10-10
Seven Thieves Customs Inspector 1960-03-11
Can-Can Chevrolet (uncredited) 1960-03-09
The Fly Dr. Ejoute (uncredited) 1958-07-16
My Man Godfrey Minor Role (uncredited) 1957-10-11
The Purple Mask Napoleon Officer (uncredited) 1955-06-15
It's Always Fair Weather Italian Chef (uncredited) 1955-08-30
Three for the Show Costume Designer (uncredited) 1955-02-24
Hell and High Water French Reporter (uncredited) 1954-02-06
Phffft Teddy - Maitre d' (uncredited) 1954-11-10
The Far Country Doc Vallon (uncredited) 1954-02-12
Casino Royale Chef Du Partie 1954-10-21
A Blueprint for Murder Headwaiter (Uncredited) 1953-07-24
Saginaw Trail Jules Brissac 1953-09-20
Bal Tabarin Maurice (uncredited) 1952-05-31
April in Paris 1952-12-24
The Red Ball Express Dubois -- Antoinette's Father (uncredited) 1952-05-29
The Iron Mistress Cocquelon, Tailor 1952-11-19
The Happy Time Monsieur Lafayette - Grocer 1952-10-30
Silver Canyon Gus Poppalaardo 1951-06-19
An American in Paris Georges Matthieu (uncredited) 1951-09-26
On the Riviera Announcer (uncredited) 1951-04-20
All About Eve Frenchman 1950-11-09
On the Town Waiter (uncredited) 1949-12-08
Jewels of Brandenburg Miguel Solomon 1947-05-02
Saigon Boat Captain (uncredited) 1947-12-05
The Bishop's Wife Michel 1947-12-25
Framed (uncredited) 1947-05-25
The Catman of Paris Porter 1946-04-20
Never Say Goodbye Waiter (uncredited) 1946-11-09
So Dark the Night Pierre Michaud 1946-10-10
Gilda Blackjack Dealer (uncredited) 1946-04-25
To Have and Have Not Quartermaster (uncredited) 1945-01-20
A Song to Remember Duke of Orleans (uncredited) 1945-01-19
Strange Affair B.M. Toman (Uncredited) 1944-10-05
Dark Waters Papa Boudreaux 1944-11-21
Mrs. Parkington Drunk (uncredited) 1944-10-12
Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Coachman (uncredited) 1944-11-02
Mission to Moscow M. Delbeau - French Minister (uncredited) 1943-04-29
Casablanca Policeman (uncredited) 1943-01-15
Wintertime Workman (uncredited) 1943-09-17
Kid Glove Killer Pierre - Headwaiter (uncredited) 1942-04-17
Dr. Renault's Secret Coroner 1942-10-19
Charlie Chan in Rio Armando, club headwaiter (uncredited) 1941-09-05
So Ends Our Night Gendarme (uncredited) 1941-02-27
Down Argentine Way Club Rendezvous Waiter (uncredited) 1940-10-11
The Man I Married Announcer 1940-08-09
Arise, My Love Waiter at Maxim's (Uncredited) 1940-11-08
The Mark of Zorro Officer of the Day (uncredited) 1940-11-08
Earthbound Court Attendant 1940-06-06
I Was an Adventuress Porter (uncredited) 1940-05-10
City in Darkness Gendarme 1939-11-15
Pack Up Your Troubles Capt. De Brock 1939-10-24
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Frenchman (uncredited) 1939-03-29
The Three Musketeers Carriage Driver 1939-02-17
News Is Made at Night Headwaiter 1939-07-20
Everything Happens at Night Waiter 1939-12-22
Midnight Porter (uncredited) 1939-03-24
Second Fiddle French Radio Broadcaster 1939-06-30
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife Waiter on the Stairs (uncredited) 1938-03-25
I'll Give a Million Yardmaster (uncredited) 1938-07-27
Espionage Doctor 1937-02-26
The Lady Escapes French Official (uncredited) 1937-07-22
I Met Him in Paris Headwaiter 1937-05-28
Charlie Chan on Broadway Louie, Headwaiter 1937-09-22
Café Metropole Waiter (uncredited) 1937-04-28
Big Town Girl Accompanist 1937-12-03
They Gave Him a Gun French Captain Pinning Medals (uncredited) 1937-05-07
Seventh Heaven Frenchman (uncredited) 1937-03-25
The Road to Glory Sentry (uncredited) 1936-09-04
Fatal Lady Detective (uncredited) 1936-05-15
Dodsworth Baggage Carrier at Train Station (Uncredited) 1936-09-23
The House of a Thousand Candles 1936-04-02
L'homme des Folies Bergère Victor 1935-05-09
I'll Tell the World French Waiter 1934-04-20
The Woman Racket Lefty 1930-01-24
Blue Blood Charley Stevens 1925-12-01
The Stealers Sam Gregory 1920-10-03
Revelation Pierre 1918-02-17
Draft 258 George Alden 1917-11-15