Image of Kelly Connell

Kelly Connell

1956-06-09 Seneca Falls, New York, USA

Image of Kelly Connell



Spider-Man 2 Dr. Isaacs 2004-06-25
Tremors 3: Back to Perfection Tourist Guy 2001-10-02
Thirteen Days Pierre Salinger 2000-12-25
Hot Shots! Part Deux Radio Operator 1993-05-21
Jack the Bear Fireman 1993-04-02
Hot Shots! Air Controller 1991-07-31
Dinner at Eight Dan's Assistant 1989-12-11
Longtime Companion Man with Soap Script 1989-10-11
Cocktail Yuppie Poet 1988-07-29
Read Between The Lines Jackson 1987-06-03
The Saint in Manhattan Elevator Man 1987-06-12