Image of Robert Nichols

Robert Nichols

1924-07-20 Oakland, California, USA

Image of Robert Nichols



So I Married an Axe Murderer Scottish Minister 1993-07-30
Under Siege Colonel Sarnac 1992-10-08
A Billion for Boris Derelict 1984-01-01
Soldier's Home Old Man 1977-01-01
God Told Me To Fletcher 1976-10-22
The Night They Robbed Big Bertha's Professor 1975-06-01
Westworld Robert Lewis (uncredited) 1973-08-15
Second Chance Dr. Strick 1972-02-08
They Only Kill Their Masters Doctor Peterson 1972-11-22
Escape from the Planet of the Apes Reporter (uncredited) 1971-05-20
The Out-of-Towners Passenger 1970-05-28
The Trouble with Girls Smith 1969-06-24
The Yellow Rolls-Royce American Travel Agent (uncredited) 1964-12-31
Man in the Middle Lieut. Bender 1964-01-27
Follow the Boys Hulldown 1963-02-27
We Joined the Navy Bill 1963-05-17
The Amorous Prawn Sam Goulansky 1962-11-26
Don't Bother to Knock American Sailor 1961-05-28
The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock Bank Manager 1959-08-06
Bombers B-52 Wilbur 'Brooklyn' Stuart 1957-11-22
Don't Go Near the Water Lt. Cmdr. Hereford 1957-11-14
Giant Mort 'Pinky' Snythe 1956-11-08
Hold Back The Night Beany Smith 1956-07-29
Navy Wife Oscar 1956-05-20
Tight Spot Boy Honeymooner (uncredited) 1955-03-19
This Island Earth Joe Wilson 1955-06-01
Johnny Dark Smitty 1954-06-25
The Command 2nd Lt. O'Hirons 1954-02-13
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Evans (uncredited) 1953-07-14
Jennifer Orin 1953-10-25
Battle Circus Pvt. Sommers 1953-03-06
Hold That Line Harold Lane 1952-03-23
Sally and Saint Anne Henry 1952-07-01
The Lady and the Rocket Flash 1952-01-01
Eight Iron Men Walsh 1952-12-01
Monkey Business Garage Man (uncredited) 1952-09-03
Red Skies of Montana Felton (uncredited) 1952-01-23
The Blue Veil Fred Begley Jr. 1951-10-26
The Thing from Another World Lt. Ken 'Mac' Erickson 1951-04-05
I Was a Male War Bride Motor Pool Mechanic (uncredited) 1949-08-26